Office Tenant Experts - What Sets Williamson Partners Apart From Others

Whether you are relocating, renewing, expanding or contracting it is essential your business work with an experienced real estate professional who is a corporate tenant expert . Williamson Partners works exclusively with business tenants and does not represent landlords. This fiduciary relationship ensures you have a real estate expert working for your interests only.

Chris Williamson, Williamson Partners' principal, offers clients unmatched expertise in all facets of corporate tenant representation. As the former director of real estate for corporations such as Dun and Bradstreet, U.S. Windpower, Hanover Insurance and Prime Computer, Chris has built a career on successfully protecting and maximizing his companies' interests as corporate tenants. Chris understands the corporate tenant perspective first hand, a quality unique among most all commercial real estate brokers. This experience and proven track record of success provides clients the best in sound real estate guidance.

Williamson Partners will work with your business to accomplish the following:

  • Thoroughly review your current lease agreement and facility plan
  • Develop a program for future space, term, and location requirements
  • Estimate a project budget (including expenses and capital for rent, construction, furniture, IT, moving, etc...)
  • Develop a project schedule
  • Present a demographic study for customers, employees and future business
  • Conduct a market survey with comprehensive RFPs (business and legal)
  • Present an impartial recommendation with a financial analysis of viable alternatives
  • Review lease document with senior management
  • Assist with space planning and project management
  • Conduct project status meetings
  • Advise purchasing with vendor selection for: construction, furniture, IT and movers
  • Monitor all costs related to the original approved budget
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